What we do at ‘Bhaanti’

We at Bhaanti Consultancies Private Limited, specialise in works of various kinds, and thus our named aptly as ‘Bhaanti’ (a word which means ‘various’ in Hindi language):

1. Waste Management & Recycling: Managing and Recycling Institutional Paper Waste under our ‘We Recycle’ Initiative.

2. Communication Consultancies: We have the expertise to meet all your communication-based requirements like editing, designing of your project reports/print-collaterals, undertaking photo-documentation assignments and even working with your team to draft strategic content for your websites and social media outlets.

3. Management Consultants: We act as Network Management and Line Management Consultants to a respected MSO in the Cable Television and Telecommunication Sector.

We will update this blog shortly with more specifics of our work, until then if you have a query, please contact us at:

Bhaanti Consultancies Pvt. Ltd.

Registered Office: KD-312, Pitampura, Delhi-110088, India

E-mail: contact@bhaanti.in

Phone:+91-99589 80909, +91-98101 91625



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