Services Offered

Why are we named “Bhaanti”?

Bhaanti Consultancies Private Limited specializes across diverse work streams, and are thus, aptly named asBhaanti’ (a word which means ‘various’ in Hindi language).

At the moment, we offer the following Services:

1. JAAGRUTI™ Waste Paper Recycling Services:  Paper is one of the most consumed and most wasted resource in India. Paper also happens to be a reusable and recyclable resource that can be recycled back to paper. And that is what we do and provide for under these services. We recycle…because we care.

JAAGRUTI Waste Paper Recycling Services

Under these services, we work with over 120+ organisations and institutions across Delhi-NCR to manage and recycle their paper waste. We also offer ‘Confidential Document Destruction Services‘, using Heavy Duty Document Shredders and On-site cutting machines to destroy your institutions confidential documents, before getting them processed for recycling.  To know how your company/institution and organisation can associate with us to get their waste paper recycled, please drop in a query here.


2. Custom-made Recycled Paper Stationery:

Encourage your Company to Go-Green by ordering custom made paper stationery in the form of notepads, made of recycled paper and board. For quotes and queries, please call us on +91- 9818 144 244 or +91- 98101 91625 or you may e-mail us on paper with your requirements from your company’s official e-mail address.

Ad for custom made stationery

3. Communication Consultants:

Most Social Sector organisations and NGOs do a lot of good work, but still find it hard to communicate their work and objectives to the public, media and funders alike…and that is the gap we at ‘Samvad’ help fill in. We help you tell your story!

Samvad Widget

At affordable packages, your NGO/Organisation can sign us up to look after all your basic communication needs, be it penning down a strategic e-mail or preparing a Donor Report. With over 15 years of collective experience, the team leading Samvad has the expertise to meet all your communication-based requirements like editing, designing of your project reports/print-collaterals, undertaking photo-documentation assignments and even working with your team to draft strategic content for your websites and social media outlets.

We have also served as a Network Management and Line Management Consultants to a respected MSO in the Cable Television and Telecommunication Sector.


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